Flightfest 2020

Flightfest 2020 will be arriving in May and we would like all North West Area R/C Flying clubs to get involved.

The idea behind the scheme is to open up the world of flying R/C model aircraft to the public, by providing a hands on flying experience to the public through the use of a buddy box connected transmitter. All we are asking is that you nominate one day (or evening) in May when your club can provide suitable training aircraft with buddy box enabled transmitters and a one or two (or more) volunteer instructors. Other members of the club can put on a show, either static or flying, to demonstrate the breadth of our wonderful sport. From experience, these events can be great club social events and are often great team building exercises.

We (the Area) will help you by publishing your chosen date to your local press along with a suitable article and general interest photos to hopefully generate some local interest.

All you need to do is let us know the date of your planned event, your event location and the name of any local newspapers. A contact name and phone number or email address (that we can publish) would also be helpful.

Last year, every club that took part reported a successful event and all managed to recruit new members.